Dwayne Johnson posts an Instagram shoe unboxing video that features an unexpected cameo from his copy of the Black Adam script.

Black Adam script makes cameo appearance in Dwayne Johnson’s latest Instagram video. A long-time adversary of DC Comics’ Captain Marvel, the character that would eventually become known as Shazam, Black Adam first appeared in 1945 and like many another comic book supervillain has gone through multiple iterations over the decades.

An ancient Egyptian super-being who ultimately becomes corrupted by his powers, the modern-day version of Black Adam first appeared in 1994’s The Power of Shazam! graphic novel by Jerry Ordway. When it comes to appearances outside the realm of comic books, Black Adam has been depicted only sparingly and mostly in animated form, last showing up as a Legion of Doom member on the TV show Harley Quinn. But now the character is finally set to make his entrance in the DCEU, with Johnson playing the role in a spinoff of Shazam! that’s getting set to go before cameras in Spring of 2021 after being delayed by COVID.

Recently Johnson has been doing his part to build hype for Black Adam by posting videos on social media, including one where he gave fans a glimpse of his physical preparation for the character. Johnson’s latest effort to remind fans of the movie was a little more subtle than usual however, as the video in question actually sees the actor promoting his Project Rock product line, but slipping in a little Black Adam tease as well.

The Black Adam script can first be glimpsed in the video at the 15 second mark off to the very right, then later in the clip Johnson places a pair of slides right on top of the script, in case anyone missed it. Importantly, at no point is the script open, so there are no spoilers to be gleaned. Johnson amusingly goes on with his shoe presentation as though there isn’t a copy of the Black Adam script setting there, not calling attention to the obvious cross-promotion that’s going on. Of course, Johnson knows full well that the presence of the script will draw more attention to the video, and therefore draw more attention to the shoes he’s selling.

Indeed Johnson is more than just a massive international movie star, he’s also a master of promotion, whether he’s promoting himself or his shoe line or his upcoming DCEU spinoff film. The good news for Black Adam fans is that, if Johnson has his script on-hand, that means filming likely is ready to begin after the movie was delayed due to COVID. Now Johnson can work on his lines when he’s not building up his body for the film. No doubt the star will have more Black Adam teases to share in the coming months as the film progresses in its production, most of them a lot less sly than the one featured above.