This must-read Southern Utah camping guide covers everything you need to know - from the best time to go to the best campgrounds and more!
Full of impressive hoodoos, canyons, rivers, and lakes, Southern Utah should be at the top of any camper's list. Southern Utah has endless places to explore and some of the most scenic campgrounds in the country.
I've had the pleasure of traveling Southern Utah extensively, and every time I visit I'm blown away by the incredible scenery and quality of campgrounds.
Whether you plan to camp in Southern Utah's Mighty 5 National Parks or opt for free camping, here's everything you need to know about camping in Southern Utah!
Watch for Wildlife
Camping in Southern Utah means being on your toes for wildlife encounters. Along with some bigger mammals, Southern Utah is rattlesnake and scorpion country, so make sure your tent zippers are always completely closed and that you shake out your shoes before you put them on every day.
Additionally, stay aware of any wildlife on trails and, if you encounter any, keep your distance.
Keep an Eye on the Weather
While it’s always a good idea to check the weather multiple times daily no matter where you decide to camp, this idea is especially poignant in Utah. Depending on where you go, your campsite could be prone to flash floods, road washouts, or wildfires.
Chances are, these things won’t happen to you on your camping trip, but it’s always smart to stay one step ahead.
There is All-Season Camping
Despite its often frigid temperatures come winter, there is an abundance of all-season campsites in Southern Utah. Do a little research into the best (and safest) areas to go, and have yourself a great winter camp.
Stock up on Water
Due to long trails and often scorching temperatures, it’s best to be on the overly-cautious side when it comes to hydration in Southern Utah. Always keep at least a couple of water bottles on you while hiking or other activities, and refill them whenever you can.