All That Green!
Gothenburg's flair for architecture finds its way into its beautiful parks and gardens, of which there are many. Parks like Slottsskogen Park, Keillers Park, and the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens give you plenty of gorgeous pathways to walk, run, or bike while enjoying the natural lay of the land.
The Islands
A great way to check island-hopping off your vacation to-do list, the islands of the Gothenburg Archipelago are easily accessed by local ferry. Many of the southern islands don't allow cars, which leads to a more peaceful, rustic atmosphere as you swim, fish, shop, or seal-watch.
Upper House Spa
Along with two signature treatment styles - the Classic set inspired by the fresh, invigorating quality of the Swedish seaside and the Oriental set, which incorporates warm steam and spices inspired by Istanbul - they have a glass-bottomed pool! A very interesting way to see Gothenburg, beneath your feet and 19 floors up!
Taking a tour of the canals is a fun way to get your bearings and maybe a bit of a workout at the same time. You can use your Gothenburg City Card to take a guided Paddan boat tour through the moat and canals, or you can take a self-guided tour by kayaking through the city.
Fresh Seafood
Gothenburg’s place on the coast means amazing local seafood options in local restaurants. Whether it’s a complete seafood spread at Sjömagasinet, seasonal oysters & champagne at Restaurant Atelier, or a creative twist on a Swedish classic in contemporary settings like SK Mat & Människor and Mr. P, the food is so fresh it will satisfy even the most skeptic of seafood connoisseurs.
Easy Transportation
The city’s strong backbone of public transportation makes getting around a snap. Public buses, boats, trams, and ferries offer a cheap way to do and see a lot without worrying about driving in a strange and busy city. Not only that, the Gothenburg City Card offers one, two, and three-day passes for unlimited use of public transportation.
It’s Not Too Big
Even as Sweden’s second largest city, it’s incredibly walkable; and since it’s got about two-fifths of Stockholm’s population in a relatively equivalent urban area, it’s not too dense, either. Once you reach Kungsportsavenyn, you’ll find easy access to both points of interest and most conveniences you’d need.