The Sea of Cortez is Baja California's own little slice of paradise, known for its crystal-clear waters, unique coastal landscapes, and exclusive - even interactive - sea life! The islands sprinkled throughout the gulf are little-known hidden gems and are home to unbelievable experiences one could only have in this beautiful corner of Mexico.
Recently, I was lucky enough to take a cruise with Adventures - a company known for their awesome adventurous cruises. All too often, people skip straight to Mexico's popular, touristy resort destinations, so I was thrilled to discover Mexico's best-kept secret and visit the islands! This is truly one of the few ways to really experience the beauty of this place.
The glassy waters of this picturesque fishing village make for perfect kayaking in a secluded bay, or socializing with the locals on a mule ride. This particular stop actually sits on mainland Mexico, but it's not easily accessible by land. Espiritu Santo is outlined by beautiful rocky sea cliffs, not to mention home of families of sea lions. This island has been on my bucket list for years, so I was thrilled to see this on the itinerary! On Isla San Francisco, you'll get the chance to go on an awesome ridge hike, witness some of Mexico's coolest salt flats, and relax on a beautiful beach. This island is particularly known for its amazing snorkeling with vibrant marine life, including octopus, starfish, and even sea turtles.
Los Islotes
If swimming with sea lions sounds like your idea of a magical day in paradise, you will love Los Islotes. We took skiffs tours out to this little island and snorkeled with these adorable and playful creatures.
Isla Partida
This island — connected underwater to Isla Espíritu Santo — is a UNESCO-protected biosphere and a spot known for great kayaking.
La Paz
Now THIS is what this gulf is known for, and why people come to the Sea of Cortez. On your final day, you’ll arrive back into La Paz — and actually get to go swimming with whale sharks. This will most definitely be the highlight of your trip.
In case you couldn’t already tell, UnCruise Adventures is not your typical cruise. If you’re looking for an active vacation full of wildlife and nature, I highly recommend booking one of these trips!