The best time to visit Norway completely depends on what you want to see. While the country is beautiful year round, your experience will differ greatly depending on the region, the activities, and the month.
Norway is a long, large country and is diverse in weather and tourism hotspots.
November through January tends to bring very intense snowy conditions and limited sun - conditions that some travelers will find harsh. Meanwhile, spring and fall are great for lower costs on accommodation, but it's important to double check if your preferred activities will be doable, as many of them are seasonal.
Visiting Norway in the Winter
A season that is generally shrouded in darkness due to Norway's northerly geography, winter brings with it a calm, winter-wonderland paradise feeling that is hard to get in the livelier, tourism-heavy months.
Just remember that during winter, the temperature can get very cold (around -40C/-40F in some places), and if you're headed above the Arctic Circle, know that there are months when the sun doesn't rise at all.
One of the most magical experiences you can have in Norway, catching a glimpse of the Northern lights is worth braving the cold for. Due to darkness being an essential component to seeing the Northern Lights, you can generally catch them any time from October through March.
Also note that not all of Norway is prime Aurora Borealis territory. For the best chance of seeing the lights, you'll want to head at least as North as Bodo, although your chances increase the more North you go.
If you’re headed to Norway on a ski or snowmobile trip, then you’ll find late February and early March to be optimal. Not only do these times have more daylight hours than December, January, but it’s also a prime time for snowfall.
A time in Norway full of blooming flowers, melting snow, and seasonal waterfalls, April, and May, and June in Norway bring with them a sense of renewal and freshness. However, Spring in Norway is notoriously fickle, and depending on what region you visit the warmer weather might start in Late February, whereas in other places skiing will still be in full swing late April.
Wherever you’re headed in Norway, be sure to check the forecast so you know what to expect!
Whether you’re interested in visiting cosmopolitan Oslo, picturesque Bergen, or one of the other charming cities in Norway, activities will be plentiful and accommodation open no matter what time of year you visit.
Winter is excellent for visiting cities if you’re looking to check out some winter sports and save money on accommodation, while summer has great weather and a livelier atmosphere.
If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, I’d recommend visiting Norway’s cities in late spring when the crowds are slim, the streets are walkable, the prices are relatively easy on the wallet, and the flowers are in bloom.