“You are going to Cancun?” I hear the security checkpoint officer inquire after I hand him my passport and boarding pass.
“Yes, I’ll be staying in Riviera Maya, but I stop in Phoenix first. It’s the boarding pass on top.”
“You are going alone?” He asks in a concerned tone.
“Yes, I travel to Mexico alone quite often.”
The man still seemed a little uneasy, so I felt the need to tell him I would be meeting people there. This being my first time to Cancun, I began to wonder what was the cause for concern. I didn't get into more details since all I wanted to do was get through security and catch my 6:30AM.
My guess is that his worry was not for a woman traveling solo to Cancun, (although in Cancun my biggest problem would most likely be the drunk Americans) but travel to Mexico as a whole. I found it hard to believe airport personnel would give into the media hype and instill fear into passengers about the safety of the entire country of Mexico.
Frequent travelers to Mexico know the truth, but it still often shocks me every time I hear people say that all areas of Mexico are unsafe. Even though this was my first time to Riviera Maya, the possibility of it not being safe for travelers didn't even cross my mind.
I found underground rivers, floating down a lazy river with jaw-dropping scenery, riding in fast cars, and the eclectic cuisine were actually my highlights of the trip. In the coming weeks, I will share some of my favorite things to do in Riviera Maya with no shortage of photos like these.
I arrived here thinking that Riviera Maya and Playa Del Carmen was a destination with beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and exciting nightlife. Although I did find all of this to be true, I was also introduced to a few of the more unique things about the area.